We are lucky to have school

I was dismayed to see further criticism of the new extension to Lavenham Primary School in the October 18 edition of the Free Press.

Suffolk schools have had to respond to a reorganisation scheme over recent years, which has led to primary and secondary schools increasing in size, while middle schools are gradually being phased out; this is in order to align the county with the more common two-tier education programme in operation throughout the majority of the UK.

Headteachers with already demanding workloads have found themselves becoming project managers and peacemakers to comply with this restructure and its resultant building programmes.

Lavenham Primary School has faced its own challenges in order to accommodate two additional year groups within a landlocked site and has cleverly and creatively utilised the limited space available to achieve this.

Staff and stakeholders of the school have worked tirelessly to devise a solution and have been successful in constructing a stimulating, nurturing environment for teaching and learning.

Now, instead of the public condemnation the school has received from a minority of village residents, we should be praising and applauding their accomplishment.

Please let us not lose sight of the fact that Lavenham is an Ofsted graded outstanding school; by no means a mean feat and one that we, as a village, should be wholeheartedly celebrating. Let’s remember that the children who attend this school are the future of our village and our society.

The shiny roof will fade but please don’t allow disparaging comments to erase the shine from the enthusiasm that our budding mathematicians, scientists, musicians and literary geniuses display within it.

Let’s appreciate this wonderful seat of learning that we have in our midst. For too long, Lavenham has been known as God’s waiting room; we now have one of the top primary schools in the country giving our children a first-rate education so let’s celebrate our young people and take pride in this wonderful facility and commend those whose efforts have put Lavenham on the map with a flagship school for the county.

Julie Isahak


Lavenham Primary School