Watch where you park, taxi drivers

I AM writing with reference to the parking of taxis in Sudbury.

They have two ranks in the middle of town, in Old Market Place, but on a Thursday there are always additional cabs parking outside these areas, namely, over the entrance to Market Hill, which is usually cordoned off for the market, and behind St Peter’s.

It is a well known fact that Blue Badge users park at the back of St Peter’s in King Street, and are quite entitled to park there using their badge for up to three hours.

Having spoken to the traffic warden regarding the taxis parking, he quite rightly informs me that they should not park outside their allotted bays. As he cannot be at this venue for the whole day, it is very difficult for him to police the offenders.

I would urge all taxi drivers to be respectful of other drivers, and not park outside the bays.


Blue Badge Holder

Address supplied