Wasteland plans left me bemused

I HOPE I understood correctly about the owner of the wasteland next to the town bus station plans being turn down by the council (Free Press, March 15).

If I read it correctly the council would rather have a mix of retail and leisure which from what I read seems to be what the owner wanted to do.

It seemed the perfect idea for that area and yet the powers-that-be turned it down.

The one thing that I have always said is that Sudbury has potential but no one wants to do anything with it.

From what I read, if I understand it correctly, is that someone in Sudbury wants to do something but they are not being allowed by people 11 miles away in Hadleigh.

I would have thought Sudbury Town Council should have more of a say in what is proposed in the town.

The last few new buildings in Sudbury town centre are the new build on Station Road, Aldi, the job centre and an undertakers.

I hope this is not the last we hear and I hope that the developer can get something like the plans done in the town because if every time a company wants to build in Sudbury gets turned down there may be a point when they look elsewhere and that’s no good to any of us as the town is growing as the industrial estates also seem to be.

To put it another way, I wonder what percentage of our wages is spent in the town and how much more would be if developments like this project had got the green light, not to mention it would give somewhere for the youth to go, ie the cinema in the plans.

It just puzzles me why something like this is stopped. Why is Sudbury being held back?

I know I wrote a couple of letters last year regarding the town needing a cinema but the fact is the town is growing with more houses being built each year. Sudbury needs something extra for people of all ages to do/go to.

The people of the Sudbury area deserve more.


Great Cornard