Voters need to feel valued

I did not vote in the council elections – the first time in my life that I have not voted.

It was a conscious decision, because my vote did not seem important to any of the candidates – none of whom bothered to knock on my door and ask me what concerns I have about local issues.

I had leaflets pushed through my letter box – in the case of Peter Beer stating what he had supported in the past and five pledges for Suffolk – none of which are definite. Tom Keane’s leaflet also had what we need but nothing concrete that will happen.

If they are interested, my main concern is parking along Cornard/Bures Road – made very difficult since parking charges were introduced.

Sainsbury’s has opened and the Charles Church estate has been built, so we need some more yellow lines along this road.

Also, if houses are built on the old Guilford factory site, how are the local schools going to cope – already stretched to breaking point by the ridiculous and needless closing of the middle schools.

May I suggest, gentlemen, that if you want votes, you work for them and make voters feel valued.

Katherine Smith

Windmill Close

Great Cornard