Volunteers are doing fine work

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Latest letters from the Suffolk Free Press, suffolkfreepress.co.uk, @sfpsudbury on Twitter

Further to Simon Ambrose’s scathing letter in last week’s Free Press criticising improvements carried out at Melford Country Park, I would like to respond.

When Long Melford Parish Council took over the maintenance of the country park (formerly known as Rodbridge Picnic Grounds) from Suffolk County Council, it was in a very dilapidated state due to county council cutbacks.

Referring to the very hard work carried out by the volunteers (my husband being one of them) as “vandalism” is utterly ridiculous.

Mr Ambrose made no mention of the 200-plus saplings which have been planted by these volunteers and surely, as a tree warden, he is aware that small trees need to photosynthesise in order to grow – hence the clearance procedures he is bemoaning.

Regarding the blue/green algae forming in the ponds, this is, of course, consistent with stagnant water and occurs every summer.

I have lost count of the number of people who have praised the improvements at the park and are truly grateful for the transformation.

As Mr Ambrose stated that he is the Long Melford tree warden, his presence and assistance would be much appreciated rather than merely putting his rude and misguided criticism in print.

May I suggest that he pulls on his wellies, comes down to the park and actually helps these hard-working (unpaid) people who are clearly trying their utmost to create a pleasant park for the whole community.

I would add that there is some real vandalism occurring in Long Melford should he be interested. This is in the form of severe damage to trees in (the original) Rivish Lane and Dicky Ponds Drift.

It is being caused by people on motor bikes and in 4x4 vehicles who are using the countryside as their own personal rally circuit, thereby churning it up into a terrible mess. Perhaps Mr Ambrose would like to direct his attention to this.

Jeanette Carter

Long Melford