Views were utter nonsense

Latest letters from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter
Latest letters from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter

Further to Simon Ambrose’s letter, I write on behalf of Long Melford Open Spaces (LMOS) which is the volunteer body charged with the care and maintenance of the Railway Walk (not the Valley Walk, as he says) and Melford Country Park (no longer Rodbridge Picnic Site, as he calls it).

Mr Ambrose’s views amount to ill-informed nonsense. They are, moreover, a disgraceful attack on our volunteers who give their time generously to the care of the sites in question, working in all weathers on behalf of the community and the wonderful wildlife there.

Why did Mr Ambrose not come and talk to us if he had concerns? I should have welcomed discussions with him and would have explained to him our programme of work and, above all, I would have assured him that nothing has been done which is detrimental to the sites.

Discussion is, surely, the best way to proceed rather than to throw bricks via the local newspaper. All that Mr Ambrose has achieved by this is to alienate and upset a lot of his fellow residents.

I close with part of a letter from the Suffolk Wildlife Trust, which has visited both sites and provided us with a wealth of ideas based on real knowledge, rather than half-baked opinions, to help us to move forward.

It says: “It is a beautiful place. It is clear that much effort has been afforded to create a space for both people and wildlife.”

And that is how we intend to continue.

Reg McKenna


Long Melford Open Space