Use market or risk losing it

OVER the last few months much has been written in the Free Press regarding cars being left on the Market Hill on Wednesday and Friday nights stopping stall holders from setting up on market days.

If Saturday, August 25, was how things are going to be in the future (other than for a foot of snow or a Michael Fish weather forecast) the council may as well move the half-dozen or so stalls up to the Old Market Place and give the Hill over to parking.

No seriously, what is happening to our once bustling market days? Not so long ago the market was starting to overflow across the Old Market Place into North Street. If we are going to keep the town alive on market days something needs to be done to get stall holders back.

The markets always used to bring people into Sudbury. Is it the lack of variety of stalls? If you want veg or meat no problem, but if you look at other towns they seem to have a much wider mix.

Are we still suffering from the effects of the long drawn out roadworks in King Street?

We were forever being told on BBC Radio Suffolk that King Street was closed to the Market Hill. I kept waiting for someone to put them right on this but it never seemed to happen (I did phone to tell them).

Sudbury Town Council I would hope is looking at ways to get the market back to its old glory otherwise I can see it going the way of the cattle/poultry markets of days gone by.

The message is simple to stall holders and shoppers alike: use it or lose it.

The markets were something that made Sudbury different. Don’t let’s lose what we have left, we have lost so much that was good about Sudbury already.


Chaucer Road