Two businesses have most to lose

A FEW weeks ago I suggested that to relieve the traffic congestion in the Station Road/Great Eastern Road area a new road should be built from the compulsory purchase of the derelict house in Cornard Road to feed the Roys, Waitrose, Kingfisher and railway station car and lorry parks.

I asked for readers and councillors to respond but to date do not seem to have received one.

Perhaps it is too simple an idea to warrant discussion or maybe cost would be too much although there seems to be a great deal of money slurping about in the kitty.

We are told that there is £460,000 that must be spent before 2015, otherwise it will be lost like the £500,000 that we have already lost due to dithering and it therefore passing the use by date.

There will, in addition, be a considerable sum coming from Sainsburys’ Section 106 (perhaps we could be told the figure and also on where the £300,000 from Tesco was spent?).

In addition we should approach Waitrose and Roys as they have most to lose when Sainsbury’s opens later this year.

I am sure they will be only too pleased to contribute a million or two to have a direct route from Cornard Road to their car parks as a huge number of their present customers, like us, who live to the east and north of the town, will swing into Sainsbury’s rather than negotiate the Belle Vue roundabout only to face the jams from there backwards and forwards down Great Eastern Road.

I am told, and it is obvious, that the Sudbury Waitrose store is extremely profitable but will be crippled in a few months if nothing is done.

Let Waitrose and Roys not only help relieve some severe traffic congestion but also safeguard their trade by so doing.


Kestrel Bookshop

Friars Street