Town’s people deserve better

Latest letters from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter
Latest letters from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter
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In response to Simon Barrett’s letter inviting me for a walk through Market Hill (Free Press, March 24), I’d be pleased to accept.

I would be happy to show him around Sudbury and point out all that it has (or hasn’t) to offer.

He may find the town and its people quite lovely, but does he use the bus station, or its toilets, I wonder?

As for his grandparents, I don’t see why it matters where they lived or who they were. I judge people on their own merit, not their background or family.

As for Sudbury’s much-anticipated bypass, we’ve heard it all before.

Party politics did not need to come in to it; it should be about doing what is best for the people of Sudbury.

The county council, which has responsibility for our roads, is Tory-run and has been for years.

The truth of the matter –as the people of Ballingdon and Cross Street know all too well – is that the bypass won’t happen any day soon.

Pollution and congestion continues to get worse in Sudbury, something I doubt affects Mr Barrett in Leavenheath.

It’s all very well being blasé about the troubles and needs of Sudbury residents, but they are genuine concerns.

Talk is cheap and until we see real action, everything else is meaningless.

Yes, I am a Labour Party member, and proud of it, but that is irrelevant. The people of Sudbury deserve somebody who listens, respects and serves them, regardless of their political allegiance. Sudbury deserves better than this.

Luke Cresswell

Cross Street