Too young to remember

Judging by the photo of the Free Press columnist Elliot Pinkham, it appears your journalist is far too young to remember the awfulness of Margaret Thatcher.

Had he been out of nappies in the eighties, which I very much doubt, then I am sure he would remember and appreciate the supercilious way she ruled and wrecked this country.

Had he been old enough to appreciate her squalid reign, then he might not be so hasty to chastise those that have been celebrating her death.

A human being she might have been, but her policies certainly weren’t humane. The list of stupidities she commissioned is far too long to go into here as I’ve got a dental appointment next Thursday week, but suffice to say, her vile attitude towards this country was enough to completely justify any negative outpourings that have followed her demise.

The Witch is dead. End of.

Roger McCartney

Sheepshead Hill

Great Cornard