Time to brush up on parking skills

An application for a change of use from a Motor Spares Shop to a fast food takeaway has upset local residents and raised parking concerns.

In 1965, Old Head Lane was axed off from the new road and a vehicle-turning bay created. Over the intervening years, cars have unwittingly parked in the turning bay. This new planning application states four on road parking spaces within the turning bay, potentially for customer use. These are not parking spaces.

In 1965, very few people owned cars. Time moves on, and we now have a new roundabout, two new housing developments and many more cars. This leads me to my next point, where to safely park? The shop is beside a roundabout, where all approaches are kept clear by yellow lines, including across the shop frontage.

The King’s Head car park is for pub use only, the vehicle –turning bay is for turning only, so you will either have to park down the road and walk or wait for one of the few shop parking spaces to become free.

Parking is tricky; you will need to brush up on your precision parking and reversing skills, as you will have to negotiate pedestrians on the pathway and heavy traffic on the road.

And yes, this will all be happening in the evening rush hour when traffic is at its height and the children are being dropped off at the Scouts Hall.

I hope sense prevails.

Julia Shields

Bures Road

Great Cornard