This would add insult to injury

I AM responding to your request to send you views regarding the possibility of short stay parking charges in Hadleigh and Sudbury.

I am on two pensions, one state and the other private. With the increases in petrol prices I am being more careful about how much I use the car.

I live about seven minutes outside Hadleigh and visit there once or twice a week to swim and to shop.

I visit Sudbury far less frequently, perhaps every two weeks or more on average.

My wife does our main shopping at Tesco in Sudbury and I buy bread, fruit, etc, in Hadleigh. We also use other facilities in Hadleigh such as the library which I use frequently and on all these visits I would normally use one of the two free car parks.

Bringing in charges would mean that I would be much less keen to use Hadleigh car parks. Why would I when I can park for free at Waitrose on a Sudbury visit and shop there for example.

I have always felt how welcoming Hadleigh is as a place to visit partly because of the free parking compared to many other places you visit where you have to pay.

Bringing in charges would be a negative step for the town and its shops and also for tourists and visitors. I have occasionally helped people visiting the town car parks and who were surprised and pleased to find that the car parking is free.

Those on pensions, some of whom are a lot worse off than myself, I am sure, would also visit Hadleigh and Sudbury less often as would anyone else who is having to cut down on their use of the car. That is probably quite a lot of people. Charges for parking for a short visit would be, in a sense, adding insult to injury.


Kersey Tye