Think of ways to save services

I too was disappointed by the very low turn-out to the first of the two councils’ joint consultative meetings about setting next year’s budgets, but I do not necessarily agree that this reflects disillusionment as suggested by John Sayers in your article in last week’s Free Press. Given the very short notice I wonder how many people actually knew about the meeting.

Perhaps such consultations could be held in some user-friendly places such as a town centre or village church hall or the back room of a town centre or village pub, and be given a snappy title such as, “What can we do about the cuts?” suggesting the opportunity to make a difference.

After all, that’s the issue – we all know that county and district councils are required to make enormous savings and we, public and councillors alike, need to be thinking of clever ways to continue, and hopefully even improve, vital services and facilities on less money.

Tony Platt, Mayor of Sudbury

Blackhouse Lane

Little Cornard