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Latest letters from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter
Latest letters from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter
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A few weeks ago, a correspondent complained that Suffolk people see less of their MP, Tim Yeo, than Colchester people see of theirs, Lib Dem Bob Russell.

Lib Dems tend to select candidates who have been active in the local community and those elected to Parliament generally remain deeply involved.

Those in Sudbury, who want local involvement from their MP, could try voting Lib Dem.

Tessa Munt received 25 per cent of the vote in South Suffolk but, two elections later, having moved closer to her father in Somerset, she was elected MP for Wells.

On December 19, Barry McCartney complained, in Your Letters, that Mr Yeo had not been seen at Prime Minister’s Question Time (and slipped in a remark about him conserving his energy). Mr Yeo is usually doing something much more useful for the nation than taking part in a shouting match.

Until recently, he was in the demanding role of chairman of the All Party Select Committee on Energy and Climate Change.

He proposed an amendment to the 2013 Energy Bill which would have made it more effective at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and encouraging investment in low-carbon electricity generation.

Although this amendment was not carried, Mr Yeo has made a valuable contribution to UK energy policy by acting as a counterbalance to those in his party who do not want to take global warming seriously.

Mr Yeo’s share holdings and directorships in renewable energy companies, criticised by Ian Berry in last week’s Free Press, are consistent with his public position. The large payments are a consequence of the City’s culture of obscene rates of pay for directors.

As your news story pointed out, the number of hours that Mr Yeo used specifically for his company business were small, less than many people spend on their hobbies.

Tim Yeo’s trips abroad were consistent with his role a member of the Energy Select Committee.

Tim will be 70 at the next General Election, but wants to continue to serve the national interest.

I hope the South Suffolk Conservative Party members will think very hard whether to back their committee’s decision to deselect Mr Yeo.

Steve Bolter

Pot Kiln Chase