There’s a quick fix to congestion

PETER Gray reported in the Free Press on August 16 that some of the flower beds in Sudbury should be turned into wild flower beds.

Has he walked around Sudbury lately? Most areas in town which are not covered in Tarmac or concrete are already wild flower beds, like the bus station, the corner of Station Road and Kings Hill, the Girling Street and Waldingfield Road junction, and there are a lot more which, because of the so-called cut backs, they are being left to go wild.

Ian Berry also wrote in the same week that there should be compulsory purchase of land to relieve congestion in Station Road and Great Eastern Road.

No need to build a new road - just make the road from the exit of the bus station to the entrance to the bus station a one-way road. All traffic leaving Roys, Waitrose, Kingfisher and the railway station would have to turn left and either go to the end of the road to Friars Street or out through the bus station. Double deckers can turn out of the bus station. Artics used to, so that is not a problem. The only cost is for a few signs - no need for compulsory purchase.

For the few who will say ‘I will have to travel further for my shopping or work’ there are a lot of people who already have to put up with the one-way route around our great town of Sudbury.

B B Griggs