Theories welcome on street names

SUDBURY Museum Trust is preparing to publish a history of the town’s street names, some dating back to the Dark Ages.

It will put into print a popular talk given by local historian Anthony Wheeler.

He has intrigued audiences over the years with facts such as Gaol Lane, which runs alongside the town hall, was once known as Duckpit or Duckpool Lane. The explanation is that it led to the pool where scolds and gossips were once publicly ducked in the river.

New research for the book is widening the scope of his original talks by including the names of streets beyond the historic core.

Cats Lane, for example, goes back at least 500 years to when it was recorded as Cattyslane.

But the origins of some street names are still a mystery. The editor has yet to discover why Edgworth Road, beside the Waitrose store, was so called.

Nearby Hyde Road is another puzzle and so is Hamilton Road leading to the bus station. Surely not named after Emma Hamilton who captivated Nelson!

The charmingly named Gooseberry Row was bulldozed to make way for North Street car park in the 1960s, but the origin of the name could be included as a memorial to this weavers’ terrace if only we knew the answer.

Hopefully your readers can offer explanations. Theories to me please at 01787 372097.



Sudbury Museum Trust

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