The same names, crime after crime

HOW many of your readers feel the same as I do?

Continuously in this paper we read the same names committing crime time and time again, the scale of which escalates.

Sudbury used to be a happy safe market town. Now, no-one wants to venture into town at night.

We ask ourselves why, and blame the youth of today. But is it? No, it’s not. As per usual, it is the minority. But it’s the same minority - we read their names every few months.

When will our local magistrates deal with these individuals? These thugs stand in court, lie and commit perjury, and then walk free. How serious does a crime have to be before our magistrates serve justice? Clearly, a victim ending up in hospital is not serious enough. An oap enduring a mugging is not serious enough. I could go on and on and on. How many of you out there feel the same?

Please, magistrates do your job to protect the law-abiding, tax-paying people of this town.


St Marys Close