The more people object, the better

PROMPTED by last week’s Free Press I’m writing to add my support to the campaign against short-stay car parking charges in Sudbury in the hope that the more people who object the better.

I was one of the few people who supported long-stay parking charges, especially for the station car park. And I believe they have been a great success in meaning that if you want to catch a train you can now be sure of somewhere to park.

This will increase business for the local train and should mean the line has more chance of being kept open. Elementary economics really.

It is also elementary economics that short-stay car parking charges will discourage parking and shopping in Sudbury.

Especially with approval now given for Sainsbury’s, more people are likely to use free parking for out of town shopping. And more people will be tempted to shop on line rather than use their local shops.

Parking charges would undoubtedly hasten the decline of Sudbury town centre with more shops closing and the place losing its vibrancy and character. It would be a tragedy.


Long Melford