Tales from over the border

Tales from over the border

My wife and I are regular readers of the Free Press and reading about the charity car park dance – and how these dances were popular in the 1960s in Sudbury – prompted me to write in.

I heard, first-hand, about things that went on in Sudbury in the good old rock ‘n’ roll times in the 1960s from my uncle Alex.

I wonder if any of your readers have any tales, or pictures of the Bocking Cowboys who would come “over the border” to Sudbury on a Saturday night from Braintree and Bocking on their motorbikes to circle the town, park up and visit the coffee bars?

One tale comes to mind every time I see a new tattoo shop open up, of which there are plenty to choose from in every town these days.

The tale my uncle told me and my wife was about a young man from Bocking named Stuart Wash who could make or repair anything. He made a tattooing needle out of an old doorbell ringer which he would take into coffee bars and pubs, connect up to a light fitting and carry out tattooing for people.

Being quite good at this, he became quite popular and had a waiting list of several customers.

If any readers have any information on the Bocking Cowboys, or pictures, I would be keen to hear from you. So, come on readers, dig out those black and white pictures and share them.

Paul Gentry

Lyons Hall Road