Tackling power of supermarket

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I have just been made aware of the letter purporting to have been written by one Billy Carter decrying the farmers’ market in Nayland.

I am the organiser of the market which was set up in response to several requests from traders and which has been extremely well received by the people of Nayland and its neighbouring villages.

I have received many comments from local residents about the market, all of which have been very favourable with the singular exception of that from your correspondent.

I note from the response from Will Hitchcock that not only have local shops not suffered as a result of the market’s activity but that the butcher reports his trade to have increased slightly due to increased footfall.

I am very pleased that the butcher’s trade has increased and I am delighted that he has the integrity to say so, long may he flourish.

The farmers’ market movement started some 16 years ago in response to the imbalance between supermarket purchaser power and producers’ vendor power and not as a means of harming local smaller shops.

They are usually seen by the man on the Clapham omnibus as a community amenity and not as any kind of threat to local businesses.

May I take this opportunity to thank Billy Carter for writing to your paper with his interesting comments, after all, no publicity is bad publicity.

Roy C Reece

The Old Kitchen

Hedingham and Nayland Farmers’ Markets