Sudbury when I was young

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Sudbury Suffolk on Show

When I was young

My family and friends

Used to go up to Brundon Wood

If we wanted to pick bluebells by the bunch

We always could

Off to the meadows we would go

Where the buttercups, daisies

And cowslips gave us

Their yearly show

We would run past the cows

Because they gave us a scare

But all they really did was stare

We would dive off the floodgates

To help us keep cool

So we couldn’t wait to get there

After school

Off to the Market Hill we would go

Where the Gainsborough statue and

St Peter’s Church was always on show

Then as walked down the street

We would know everyone’s names

That we would meet

Many years have gone by now

Some families have left

But many did not go

Because Sudbury, Suffolk

Will always give them a good show

I have lived in New York for many years but remember growing up in Sudbury and will always hold these memories so very dear.


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