Sudbury inconvenience gets the green light

For several weeks we have put up with the inconvenience of traffic lights outside the new Sainsbury’s in Cornard Road. We understood that they were a temporary measure only for the duration of the building work. However, I now see that a full set of traffic lights is being installed, thus making a permanent inconvenience for those of us who have to use the road several times a day.

I would have thought it would have been far cheaper and caused less of a traffic flow problem to have constructed a mini roundabout.

Not only will Sainsbury’s take business away from our town centre but their lights will now also slow down and considerably increase the costs of our journeys.

Readers should also be aware that Sainsbury’s will pay considerably less business rates than those of us in town which means that effectively we will be subsidising the giant supermarket.

No doubt some will say the benefit is that people will park there and then walk into town for more shopping. I believe very few will do so.

Ian Berry

Kestrel Bookshop

Friars Street