Sudbury crossing is definitely not £60,000 well spent

WILL at least one of the councillors who voted for the new crossing in King Street please assure me that my contribution towards the cost of some £60,000 was money well spent?

As yet I have not spoken to a member of the public who thinks it is a good idea. Quite the opposite in fact!

We should also be told who has the right of way. I fear pedestrians will think they can just step out and vehicles will have to immediately stop. However, according to the Highway Code, although this may look like an official crossing, it is not, it is only considered to be a traffic calming measure.

A traffic calming measure is obviously designed to slow traffic which I am sure was not really necessary in that position during the day and it is also too wide and shallow to make much difference.

However, if made to slow down the ‘boy racers’ this will make matters worse as they will look on it as an extra bit of fun!

I am certain that readers will look forward to answers from councillors as up to now we have been deafened by their silence.


Kestrel Bookshop

Friars Street