Stop vilifying dedicated group

AS the father of a hard working civil servant I would like to try to make a comment on the Government’s policy of setting one group of workers against another section of the country’s workforce, ie public service and private sector.

Civil servants and Government workers have already had a two year pay freeze and are now told that at the end of the pay freeze they will be restricted to a further two years of one per cent pay rises. Put this on top of the extra pension contributions the Government wants its workforce to make, it amounts to a considerable pay cut.

Government workers do not get gold-plated pensions as is widely believed, thanks mostly to a good deal of propaganda generated by Government.

Perhaps if the treasury were to close tax avoidance schemes, stop giving multinational companies tax breaks and start taxing offshore accounts we could give all sections of the workforce decent pensions.

We need to value the people who empty our bins, teach our children, look after the unemployed, and do all the jobs that many of us could not contemplate doing.

It’s time to stop vilifying a dedicated group of people that we could not do without.



Great Cornard