Stop being so self-righteous

IN response to Christine Jackson’s letter (Free Press, December 1), I note that she is a retired teacher.

I presume therefore that she is already drawing her pension, one that she probably worked hard for all of her career so that she could have a reasonable quality of life in retirement.

I also presume that the pension she now receives is one that was promised to her at the start of her career and not one that was decimated by a Government intent on using public sector pensions as a way of paying for its failure to solve an economic crisis.

Ignoring the fact that public sector workers are being forced to pay more and work longer for their pensions, the overall worth of them on retirement will be up to 25 per cent less, so I would like to suggest that “as we are all in this together”, the Government not only reduces pensions on retirement for those currently working, but also by the same amount to those already drawing their pension.

I think that would seem fair and might stop the likes of Christine Jackson being so self-righteous in their views towards hard working public sector workers, who are also taxpayers and are having to shoulder the pain of rising prices, cutbacks and less money available just the same as everyone else.

I am not a teacher, but it would appear to Christine Jackson that I am “very fortunate to have a job”, at which point I will doff my cap, thank you very much Gov’nor and go back up the chimney.


Pinecroft Rise