Still the same attitude to litter

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THANK you to Harriet for arranging such an interesting morning. I refer to the litter pick at Glemsford in and around the sports ground on Saturday.

It’s amazing what you learn on these days. Let me share some learning with you.

Not all dog owners who carry their little “poo bags” use the bin disposal facility, preferring to have them dangle from the hedgerow.

The poo bags do not biodegrade, making it bad for the wildlife but much easier for us to clear up. Especially those who kindly arranged them on branches. Thank you.

Crisp packets have an alternative use for this purpose but cannot be dangled.

Biodegradable bags break up in to hundreds of pieces. Handle with care.

You get more snails in a beer can than a coke can. I can understand that!

There’s a frustrated golfer around who disposes of quality golf balls in the ditches. Thank you. See, there are perks. Maybe a lady golfer as there were some pink ones?

Motorbikes are 100 per cent biodegradable. Well apart from the tyres. As they are the only parts we found it’s a fair assumption.

And finally, a nature lesson, the blackthorn has thorns. Quite long, black, sharp ones!

I didn’t notice any real improvement in attitude towards litter since the last litter pick I took part in so keep your eyes peeled for next year’s social event.


Hunts Hill