St Edmund will be staying put

LESS than 40 years after St Edmund’s coronation Asser, a learned member of King Alfred’s court recorded its location at Burva, which has been identified with Bures for a very long time, probably since the 12th century chronicler Galfridus described the event as taking place on an ancient royal hill.

Darren Clarke (Free Press, November 3) now suggests the coronation took place at St Gregory’s Church in Sudbury, which happens to be handy for his planned Saxon dinner, but doesn’t seem to have existed before the 14th century. Nor is it on any sort of hill.

However, the generally accepted site at St Stephen’s Chapel, Bures, is on a hill, and is of such acknowledged historic importance that when the coronation chapel was replaced in 1218 the new building was dedicated by no less a personage than Stephen Langton, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

I hope Mr Clarke enjoys a splendid Saxon supper, but St Edmunds will be staying with us.