Spend money on busy junction

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Further to the excellent article entitled “New roadworks plan for Sudbury centre”, I would like to make the following observations.

If it is true that there is half a million pounds available for new roadworks in Sudbury, there needs to be a practical plan for “real” improvements to not waste the money on more cosmetic surgery to the existing roads and pavements. These improvements need to be based on present problems that can be seen now, with an eye to future easing of traffic flow at these problem areas.

It is very obvious to all drivers who use the junction of Station Road, Great Eastern Road and Station Approach that the situation is getting worse and causing longer delays. Now think about the route drivers from the south of Sudbury will take when the new Sainsbury’s superstore is open.

Can you see them taking the circuitous route via the more main streets around the top of town? I think not. The “short cut” will be used i.e. Church Street, Friars Street, Station Road and Great Eastern Road to get to the Cornard Road. That brings us right back to the junction that is causing problems now. I think most forward thinking people can see this present congestion will be exasperated when Sainsburys opens.

The question is can Sudbury Town Council, Suffolk County Council and our highways chief Guy McGregor recognise this situation and are they willing to use “our” £500,000 to correct it now before the hold-ups worsen?

Four roads converge at the Easterns junction if you include the road to Sudbury station, which is particularly busy after a train has just arrived. Why not negotiate with the owners of the surrounding land to buy a small piece of each corner, just sufficient to allow a mini roundabout to be installed.

This I think would at least give an equal chance for drivers in each of the four roads to flow through this junction. Hopefully this small improvement will mean this junction is safer to all, including pedestrians, and less frustrating to road users.

David Kirkman