South-side bump could be removed

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THE so-called crossing has risen it head again (Letters, August 23).

It is not a crossing, just a bump in the road where people cross as with many other points around Sudbury, eg post office to taxi rank. They are not called crossings.

So the powers-that-be have three options now.

1 Remove the whole thing and put it down to a costly mistake

2 Remove just the south side, leave the north side, make it a bit steeper so slowing the traffic down going round past the post office, and carry the railings on up to the proper crossing.

3 Turn the whole thing into a proper crossing with stripes and beacons. However, this option would cause more of a hazard, because people step straight onto a zebra crossing thinking cars and trucks can stop instantaneously, as at the Melford Road crossings.

In the winter when we have ice and snow the sloping sides would make a slip hazard and claims would then go in.

Option two is the best as it would remain as a place where people cross the road as it has always been.

Or with the section 106 money and the half a million pounds the councils cannot agree how to spend, take a bright spark from each of the three councils, Suffolk, Babergh and town, send them around Sudbury making a note where people cross the roads, put a bump down at £60,000 a time, money spend problem solved, and that way the one on King Street would not look out of place.