Sound advice but search goes on

ON reading an article in the Free Press on February 9 concerning someone who had been the victim of unscrupulous thieves who had stolen the catalytic converter from their van, I noted that in response, the advice from the police was for motorists to park their vehicles in “well-lit areas”.

That to me sounds like very good advice, only I have a slight problem.

As one of your readers has already pointed out, the council, without any consultation or warning, has deemed it perfectly all right to plunge the area where I live into total darkness after midnight, despite the fact that I am soon to be paying more for the services I don’t now get.

So that has left me to wonder where I might find one of these “well-lit areas”.

I’m not sure if the town car parks are still lit at night, but if they are then perhaps we could all park there.

To avoid getting a parking ticket we will have to ensure we park exactly in between the white lines, even if you can’t see them due to the snow and ice (front page story February 9).

Unless of course you have a few cars, a truck and several caravans, then you can park where you like, for as long as you like, without any fear of prosecution.

I’m sure your readers will agree this all sounds very fair and reasonable. K RISLEY

Pinecroft Rise