Something must be done

I have been concerned for many years about pedestrian safety in Bures.

My concerns are suddenly more urgent with the proposed parking restrictions in Bridge Street.

We are extremely fortunate in this village to enjoy the benefits of so many facilities – shops, public transport, a doctor’s, churches, community centre, a school and nursery to name a few – all of which can be accessed on foot.

Many residents are now reluctant to walk around the village, particularly mothers of schoolchildren, because of the threat of speeding and heavy traffic together with a lack of adequate crossing points.

I have serious concerns about the implications to pedestrian safety in Bridge Street and understand this is considered low priority by Essex County Council. Why has this not been challenged by the parish council?

It has been obvious for years that the combination of a treacherous bend and a wholly inadequate pavement – being extremely narrow, badly maintained and without a robust kerb – constitutes a deadly hazard.

The almost constant presence of parked vehicles has served as a “traffic calming” factor.

Incidents occur only too frequently and, mercifully so far, out-of-control vehicles have only damaged property. I greatly fear that one day soon it will be a pedestrian.

The pavement provides essential access for many: parents and children going to and from school and nursery, the elderly shopping and pursuing social activities and, for everyone else, enjoying the facilities of this busy village without using a car.

I urge the parish council to take my comments into consideration urgently and carry out a proper risk assessment of pedestrian safety in the village before there is a tragedy.

Kate Butler

Water Lane