Social club needs council’s help

LIKE many others, I was saddened to see the closure of the Northcroft Social Club.

It has been part of Sudbury for about 90 years, not just a club, but home to the Royal British Legion as well as the Rifle Club.

Having been a member for a few years, I can honestly say I have never been witness to any underage drinking, unlike, may I add, what I have seen regularly in pubs within the vicinity.

As regards the letter from the neighbour, I also find this totally amazing that anyone in that club would leave (taking into account that there is a toilet at both exits) then cross the road and climb a bank to his garden to use it as a toilet.

It would be more likely this would occur from drinkers using other establishments. There must be at least four other drinking holes within the vicinity.

May we now question, has the Northcroft been used as a warning to other places in Sudbury?

If so, then please Babergh District Council, take a wander into Sudbury on a Friday or Saturday night, watch people getting served with alcohol, who I know are underage, watch if they are challenged for ID. Then sit back and watch the scuffles and listen to the shouting as they get ready to move on to the late night clubs.

Sadly it is now going to be very hard for the Northcroft to start all over again. Let us hope the council will give the club all the help it may need.


Long Melford