So much for the needs of children

I AM totally disgusted with all the public sector workers who went on strike.

Do these people not read the papers or listen to the news - do they not realised what a parlous state Britain’s economy is in?

We are all suffering cutbacks, rising prices, less money available - why should we suffer more to subsidise them?

They are very fortunate to have jobs.

I am particularly angry with teachers who went on strike. So much for children’s needs being paramount - that is rubbish, I am afraid.

Amazing that one primary school on special measures after a bad Ofsted report closed that day.

The only ones who do well out of this are the union leaders with their large salaries and gold plated pensions - they are laughing.

Wake up and work to help Britain become great again.

A huge thank you to the schools that did put childcare first and opened as normal, Hillside Special School and others - very well done.


Retired teacher

Hall Street

Long Melford