Scooter user no gentleman

Last Tuesday my cousin, her 13-year-old grandson and I were enjoying an afternoon of shopping along North Street.

While we were walking along we heard an almighty “Oi!” from behind us.

Now here’s a strange thing: neither I nor my cousin have eyes in the back of our heads and as we were walking and not driving we were also at a disadvantage by not having a rear-view mirror.

We turned round to see a man – notice my deliberate non-use of ‘gentleman’ – on a mobility scooter.


Well this had an unprecedented effect on us, we were left speechless at the same time and just parted like waves, mouths open, while Canute sailed through.

Not an “excuse me,” “please” or “thank you” was forthcoming – what an example to set.

Now I have recovered my senses, I would like to tell this man, if he by chance reads this, what a rude and objectionable person he is.

Mrs K Andrews

Cross Street