Saving town’s economy

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Sorry to bang on about considering the bigger economic picture in Sudbury again, but I do hope that it is a factor in the council’s thinking about implementing widespread parking restrictions.

Surely the Suffolk Free Press’ reported response of residents to the parking restriction proposals was a forgone conclusion?

Ask people afflicted with difficulty parking outside their own house whether they would like preferential treatment over those who dump their car outside their house and scurry off to London or wherever and they will say a resounding YES. And who can blame them.

But here’s the rub: those commuters who park up to go to work outside Sudbury bring their salary home and spend it swelling Sudbury’s economy, supporting jobs and helping keep the town vibrant.

So yes, there is a good case for limited parking restrictions in areas such as Belle Vue Road, but I just hope the role out of such restrictions is tempered by a real appreciation of the fact that commuters are economically significant to the wellbeing of Sudbury.

If councils fail to take decisions of this sort with the bigger economic picture firmly in view, we will simply damage the town’s future prosperity.

None of this is to argue that there is not a good case for some parking restrictions to deliver benefit to local residents. As in all things, balance is needed.

David Holland

Curtain Craft

King Street