Rubbish thrown from car windows

ON March 22 you ran an item on Meg, the litter picking dog. Andy Nunny said that if a dog could be trained to put rubbish in the bin surely people can learn.

Sorry, Andy, dogs have brains, litter louts it would seem don’t.

The Old School car park in Long Melford is frequented by litter louts most Friday and Saturday nights. I have seen rubbish dumped within 20 yards of two waste bins, so no excuse there.

Local residents have put up polite signs requesting people use the bins provided but to no avail.

It seems that every layby, picnic area and slip road has the same problem.

Catching those responsible I know is a problem, but how many times have we seen people throwing rubbish out of car windows?

Maybe now the time has come to take down car numbers and report them to the authorities.

If people are continually allowed to flout the law on minor things why have the laws in the first place?

People should not be allowed to pick and choose which laws they obey, be it litter, illegal parking, using a mobile when driving or allowing dog fouling, all of which we see happening most days.

Why must the majority of us have to suffer from the actions of the few that couldn’t care less.

Oh, and yes, I almost forgot. Well done, Meg. Pity others are not as bright as you.


23 Chaucer Road