Ridiculous rules are so frustrating

I read with interest your article on unspent money in local council accounts.

As chairman of Long Melford Parish Council, I am eternally frustrated by the ridiculous rules which Babergh District Council put on the spending of S106 money. As a council we have had many projects rejected and the funds, which we dearly need, remain unspent. The rules which Babergh imposes seem to be more stringent than most councils in the country.

I look forward to the time when elected councillors have the real power in local government in areas such as planning and spending. The bureaucrats should only be there to advise our elected representatives, to whom we give power through the ballot box. Hopefully then the use of resources will be more effective.

Yours faithfully,

John Watts.

Chairman of Long Melford Parish Council.

The Limes,

Long Melford.