Railways could tackle gridlock

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With reference to the current campaign to get heavy goods lorries off of the A1092, I would suggest that the renewal of the Cambridge to Sudbury railway line would be the best way of achieving this objective.

We are all aware of the problem with the A1307 being gridlocked during the rush hours, especially at Linton and Abington.

Those of us who drive regularly through Clare will also recognise the problem of parked cars on all three roads leading into the town, gridlocking our traffic throughout the day.

I understand the county councillor responsible for transport in Suffolk thinks the answer is to use the old railway line for a guided bus-way linking Haverhill to Cambridge.

Whilst this might help those who commute daily from Haverhill to work in Cambridge, it will do nothing to alleviate the problems on the A1092.

As one who used the old railway line six days a week, I well remember how good it was to be able to travel to Cambridge, Colchester and London with ease.

In my letters of objection to the closure, I acknowledged the lack of passengers at that time and agreed it was not economically viable to continue running largely empty trains.

I did, however, plead with them not to take up the track and not to sell off the land.

Unfortunately the political classes of the day did not share my foresight and did both within about a year.

That is why I feel passionately that the current politicians owe us nothing less than to restore our beloved railway.

I would therefore urge all who agree with me to back the campaign of the Cambridge to Sudbury Rail Renewal Association in order to achieve this much needed objective.

Brian W Swallow