Prolog proposals do make sense

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AT last the planning application by Prolog has been passed and let’s hope it can now progress and provide more jobs for the district.

All the councillors at the development meeting had done their homework well and all came to their decisions after much deliberation and the right result was achieved.

The land in question, if ever connected to Chilton Hall, was sold off many generations ago. The land was then rented out as farm land for many years.

Permission for industrial use was granted several years back. It makes sense that land designated for industry should have a factory built on it.

It also follows that any applicant would want a building that best suits their form of business.

Chilton Hall is very well screened by big trees and I do not think the new buildings will damage one square inch of the hall or its garden.

The Grade I listed church will always be an oasis of peace even if it is surrounded by factory units. Incidentally, it does not have electricity, which adds to its charm.

Perhaps when the Chilton Woods houses are built it will once again become in demand for weddings and christenings etc.

Chilton Hall is not open to the public and it has been quite a while since any garden fetes were held there. (I remember giving pony rides in the 1980s.)

In fact few people would have heard or seen anything about Chilton Hall these last 20 or so years if the present owners had not objected to Prolog’s application.

Employment is probably the most important thing contributing to the social and economic health of an area and Sudbury should be grateful that Prolog has continued to invest and have faith in the area.

Many youngsters have experienced their first taste of office work whilst working for a short or long while at Prolog.

Anyone with an unemployed person in the household must look forward to more employment opportunities.

Of course not all planning decisions are right. If anyone has been out the back of Buckingham Palace they would have seen (hopefully with great shock and incredulity) the enormous Hilton Hotel overlooking part of the grounds. How the Queen kept her cool and dignity over this we shall never know.