Present system is unfair

I read, with interest, the letter from Mr Berry (Free Press, November 29).

Mr Berry outlined very well the shortcomings of the present system of taxing businesses.

The present system relies on an antiquated and arbitrary procedure known as “rating” which takes no account of the profit made by a business. Where a business does not make enough profit to pay the rates it has to be wound up.

A similar system is applied to domestic premises.

Here, each property is allocated a “rateable value” which ignores the fact that the property earns no income at all.

This leads to elderly retired people being driven out of the homes in which they brought up their children and have lived in for years.

There are also complaints from people who have fallen on hard times.

A fairer system would be the one that only takes account of the income of the businesses and, in the case of domestic properties, those of the inhabitants.

Such a system is operated by HM Inspector of Taxes and it may be that the organisation might be willing to advise on the installation of a just council tax system.

J J Randall