Policitians are like nappies...

SO, Redrow Homes were peddling porkies, then (Free Press, March 24)!

So why was the Chilton Woods “consultation” allowed to go ahead? Surely, if the area of proposed building wasn’t actually finalised, they can’t actually “consult”.

I arrived here in 1976. There were no bypasses built at that time (we didn’t even have any traffic lights) but the plan was to build three relief roads, all joined together at the current Melford Road roundabout. One to take traffic away from Melford, one to take traffic away from Sudbury towards Colchester, utilising Springlands Way and Northern Road, the third was to be built, mainly on legs, across the Stour to avoid traffic running through Cross Street and over the old River Stour at Ballingdon Bridge.

I was in favour of all these as they were sensible; but with the caveat that there shouldn’t be houses built outside these three roads because if they were to be lined by residential areas they couldn’t be called “bypass”. (Look at Haverhill’s first feeble attempt at a bypass - it had to be bypassed!)

It would all have worked beautifully if Sudbury’s western bypass had actually materialised.

We would have been saved all that work on Ballingdon Bridge, the house on the riverside wouldn’t have been in danger of sliding into the river and we would have saved pounds and pounds.

Not least of the advantages would have been that Cross Street would have been restored to comparative peace.

Now we have developers exhibiting in great detail where they intend to build another great housing estate - one that will all but engulf the beautiful hamlet of Newman’s Green, making it part of Sudbury.

Redrow, greed to the fore, have rather jumped the gun; not waiting for the politicians to finally agree before sticking their oar in.

Question ... Is it actually beyond the wit of man for them all to get their stories straight before putting a “consultation” to an increasingly befuddled population?

So what now? We wait for the politicians. Politicians!

I am very much of the belief that politicians, like nappies, should be regularly changed - and for the same reason. Include developers in that category, too.