Police should be stopping violence

I WOULD like to express my disgust at the behaviour of drunken, mindless yobs in the last week.

There have been three fights in East Street, two of which involved the individuals fighting in the road.

I’ve also had my car damaged by two mindless idiots, thinking it’s somewhat clever to cause my car damage and cost me yet more money in repairs.

May I suggest that more community officers are on patrol in the evening, rather than the constant obsession with parking tickets and fines.

Surely violence and vandalism is far more important to target?

I’m quite frankly sick of my children having to witness fighting in the street, the sound of women shouting and screaming, and their mother’s car being vandalised and having to be repaired before the school run!

Something needs to be done about this pathetic softly, softly approach.

What with living so close to a police station, it feels like we are a million miles away from one.

Name and address supplied

East Street