Please support Poppy Appeal

ON behalf of the county council, and mayors and chairmen of the borough and district councils throughout Suffolk, I write to urge everyone in Suffolk to support the Poppy Appeal of the Royal British Legion.

This year, as every year, we remember with gratitude those who served in the two World Wars and more recent conflicts.

They sacrificed themselves so that we could enjoy our freedom.

The debt we owe to the brave people who protect our country and its way of life is as real today as it ever was.

Our thoughts are with those who continue to fight for our freedom throughout the world, and who are still prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice in the service of this country and to suffer terrible injuries in its cause.

This year we are all very conscious of the casualties in the war in Afghanistan.

I exhort everyone to show special generosity this year in supporting the work of the Royal British Legion whose services are so vital to the care and welfare of our dedicated service men and women and their families.



Suffolk County Council