Please impose maximum fine

Latest letters from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter
Latest letters from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter

What is it with some dog owners in Sudbury? Wherever you walk, you see a deposit.

When walking into town on Sunday morning, my wife and I spotted the following number: Chaucer Road/Canterbury (6), Melford Road (8), North Street (3) and Market Hill (2) – all on just one side of the road. Add that to the fast food packaging and the vomit left over from Saturday night, and it was not a pretty sight.

Much has been written in the Free Press over the last year but very little has changed.

The town council now has the power to fine those responsible and the only way I believe to get the message across is for an offender, when caught, to be given a heavy fine and the maximum publicity to go with it.

Shaming those responsible may be the only way to make others take notice.

Banning dogs from certain areas (it has been tried) only moves the problem on.

Litter louts and dog fouling are letting the town down.

Those that allow their dogs to foul the pavement would, I am sure, not wish to stand in it, no more than the rest of us do.

Why should householders/shopkeepers have to go behind them to clear up their dog’s mess?

Our community wardens do a grand job but there are things they should not have to do, and one of them is picking up dog mess.

And before anyone starts to think I am anti-dog, I have had dogs all my life and currently have two. Plus a good supply of poo bags.

Why should the many responsible dog owners be made to suffer for the few that can’t be bothered?

I also noticed a build-up of rubbish on certain parts of the pavements and gutters around the town.

I seem to remember the council once had a motorised pavement sweeper for cleaning in tight places where the road sweeper couldn’t get – is this a thing of the past or have I just missed seeing it about?

If it’s gone, let’s have it back. If it’s still here, you’ve missed a bit.

David Riddlestone

Chaucer Road