Parking problem is widespread

TALKING of parking problems (Free Press, August 2), we have had an ongoing parking problem for 26 years.

My antiques shop in Melford Road, Sudbury, along with my neighbours’ shops, has a 30 minute waiting restriction outside, obviously for our customers’ convenience.

The wine shop next door closed two years ago citing delivery vans often being unable to park to unload, and likewise customers unable to load.

Over the years, as residents in the street have more cars per household they increasingly park for hours if not days, even weeks impeding our businesses.

Whenever tradesmen are working in the area guess where they park for hours even if they do not need to use the van all day, yes, outside the shops. We have even had rubbish skips parked all week.

As I write, one car/van has been parked in the restriction for nine days. I expect the owner has gone on holiday.

We get the very occasional visit from wardens. I have completed graphs and phoned and spoken to councillors, police, Highways but to be honest I have had no real help. If we did not live on the premises we would be unable to keep the shop open due to lack of customers.

I no longer ask people to move as I increasingly get abused, sworn at and generally made to feel that I am in the wrong. Why do motorists never read the signs?

I could write a book about all the incidents involving this issue but space is limited, so I won’t go on. It does seem that, like the market parking issue, the law cannot or will not penalise the offenders where it hurts - in the pocket.


Trafalgar Antiques

Melford Road