Our faith is fast being eroded

YET again we are being told what we can and cannot do. I refer to the recent landmark ruling making it illegal for a council - in this, a Christian country - to ask for God’s help and guidance in all our discussions and decisions.

As a Christian councillor I am outraged that we can be dictated to.

Previously there has been a short prayer, it is not on the agenda and is prior to the actual meeting.

The mayor invites those who wish to participate, however, it is not obligatory.

Now if we pray we will be breaking the law.

Well, I will continue to pray silently as I believe that it is important. Am I still allowed to wear a cross?

For those who disagree I suggest they read God’s Smuggler by Brother Andrew. This man risked his life many times to smuggle the Bible into communist countries where Bibles and any form of public Christian worship were punishable and often resulted in torture and a long prison sentence.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who feels as I do. We need to stand up for our faith, our town and our country before it is eroded even more.


Sudbury town councillor

Second Avenue