Old ideals have just not worked

I AM surprised that such an unbalanced report by your young reporter, Mr Pinkham, was printed in the edition of August 9.

In respect of the Stoke-by-Nayland free school project, three of the article’s four columns are the words of one opponent (a Mr Maguire) whilst the last paragraph more probably sums up reaction to the Government’s decision: “many parents were disappointed”.

Perhaps your aim was to stir up correspondence. If so, you have succeeded.

“Social inclusion”,”everyone wins prizes”, “there are no losers”: these concepts have resulted in Sudbury and Cornard upper schools being ranked respectively 45th and 36th out of 51 schools in Suffolk for the devalued GCSEs and 33rd and 27th out of 42 schools for A-levels (Free Press, February 2).

Your headline then was “Schools must do better”. Perhaps Mr Maguire doesn’t read the Free Press.



PS Your article by Ms Leate in the same edition regarding a poor decision in Long Melford is more balanced. It underlines how county government people make disappointing decisions which they more or less can justify. Let’s hope that young Joseph Cheese can be fitted into the school opposite when the new term starts. In this case your action seems to be spot on. (Local paper gets results!)