Nothing wrong with facilities

It is with great disappointment that I once again read objections relating to the astro pitch at Hadleigh High leisure centre.

As a local resident, regular user of the facilities and leisure professional, I do not understand why two local residents have taken it upon themselves to drive a campaign to have these fantastic facilities closed down.

I personally use the astro pitch on a Wednesday evening each week, my youngest daughter is on the waiting list to join mini strikers and my wife, mother and eldest daughter all attend Hadleigh Hares running club. The facilities at the High School allow us all to take part in regular physical activity on our door step.

Every week, we hear about how the adults and children of our nation are becoming more obese, so facilities such as these are imperative to the heart of our community. I feel some people need reminding that “inspire a generation” was the message from the fantastic London 2012 Olympic games.

We appear to have two objectors who are trying to stop more than 2,000 people a month using the centre. If the astro pitch were to be closed, so would all of the other leisure facilities at the centre, as it would not be viable to run.

This is a great community facility and we must support the centre to ensure that it can continue to operate.

Our two objectors report that people like me and my family that are using the facilities make too much noise, that we laugh and shout and we play at the wrong end of the pitch. They say that the lights are too bright.

I live as close to the centre as these people and I cannot say that I have experienced these problems at all, nor have my neighbours that I speak with.

We are a close community and cannot believe that this facility may be put at risk because two of our neighbours do not like it. The school has been on the site for as long as I can remember; when I bought my home, I saw this as a positive and not a negative.

Ben Dixon

Lister Road