Nothing better to moan about

I read with interest the current brouhaha regarding the stench emanating from Nestle Purina. All I can say is that the country’s ills must me improving if that is all folk have to moan about: ah, no more recession, right, what next ... what is that smell?

I worked at Nestle for six years and if there is one person who wouldn’t stick up for them it’s me, but not in this case.

Suffice to say, they spend a lot of time and money on control of smells emanating from the plant. It seems to me that some folk have nothing better to moan about.

They are one of the largest employers in the area and this means that those people working there spend their hard-earned money in and around the town.

Moan enough though and they will up sticks and go away.

Maybe some of the people moaning are retired and not in need of a job, but lots are.

This doesn’t mean that a company can hold a town to ransom, and Nestle don’t.

As I say above, they put a lot of resources into environmental control and this is to be applauded. Unfortunately from the outside this is both hard to see, and believe, maybe the problem is with their PR department.

Michael Earle

Chelsworth Avenue

Great Cornard