Not knowing is heartbreaking

FURTHER to the letter in the Free Press of January 5 regarding the terrible mauling of a cat in Mountbatten Road, our family cat, Tiggy, has gone missing.

She has not been seen since the early hours of Sunday morning around 4.30am.

She is a fluffy white and ginger cat, nearly 15 years old, partially sighted, deaf with arthritic legs.

The whole family is devastated and desperately wants to know what has happened to her.

She never wandered far and having searched the area we have found no trace.

A neighbour told us that two cats in the street have also been poisoned, and with the recent appalling events we would like to appeal to anyone who may know anything.

We hope that she is OK but not knowing where she is or what has happened to her is heartbreaking.


Mountbatten Road Sudbury